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The Healing of Human Beings - Quo Vadis?
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How one can perceive the Non-Material Body of a Human Being
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Healing through Feeling
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Be careful when you’re handling energy
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  Christine H. Schenk
Handbook of Energetic Job Safety

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When hearing about job safety, most people would not normally consider energetic healing methods as included in this topic. Typically, one would instead think of job safety as related to accidents that happen in workplaces such as steel mills or on construction sites. Upon further thought, it becomes clear that it is also applicable to the neglectful acts occurring within the medical profession, instances such as medical sponges or scissors being forgotten and left in patients during surgery, or even the injection of patients with contaminated hypodermic needles. Whereas the broad spectrum of energetic healing methods is left out of this job safety category - believed instead to be merely provided for alleviation of discomfort with hope for a medical cure. It is further associated as an alternative medicine technique and thus considered to be a gentle form of treatment. Certainly no one thinks that these so-called gentle energetic healing methods could possibly have harmful side effects. Well, think again.

Christine H. Schenk documents in her committed plea for energetic job safety that quite the contrary is the case. She shows us quite explicitly that our belief that energetic healing methods can "do no harm" is actually a paradoxical assumption. On the one hand, we expect that alternative methods provide a cure just as effective as conventional ones. Yet, on the other hand, we completely forget and "blank out" that highly effective methods can always carry the risk of a false application and are thus able to create damage and subsequent long-lasting injuries. This is precisely why practitioners of energy healing methods are not immune to errors.

Regardless of this fact, physicians and psychotherapists can still be confronted with problems of energetic origin, which are then erroneously categorized to be of a medical or psychological source and treated as such. This is how a health care practitioner can completely miss the finer details of working with clients in terms of protecting and establishing the energetic stability and thus overall energetic health of those they so genuinely want to help.

In her groundbreaking new book, Christine H. Schenk enlightens people further about this subject in her offering of a guide for the creation of a way to act with certainty when working in the field of energies - providing a much-needed method for self-check. This book has been written for practitioners working with energy healing methods as well as for clients who are intending to allow those practitioners to take care of them - all with the primary purpose of providing a practical method to ensure energetic safety and security within the workplace.

  Preface from the view point of alternative medicine
Shoshanna Katzman, M.S, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. & C.H.

"... I implore you as readers to open your mind to Christine Schenk's message in this ground-breaking book. I highly recommend that you take it seriously and to heart. I sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the time, dedication and energy that she has expended and dedicated to protect the rights of the Energy Body, creating due respect and honor that it so deserves. The information of this seminal work is being offered to ensure energetic safety and security for the health of practitioner and client alike. Maybe someday my dream will be manifested for Christine Schenk's incredible work to be taught not only in Oriental medicine schools, but in energy medicine educational programs throughout the world. "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety" is a major contribution in the field of energy medicine, one that will guide the future in how it is viewed, evaluated and held in our society." read the entire text

  Preface from the view point of medicine
Hans Nowotny MD

“... In this sense, this book appearing when it is needed achieves its high purpose of a competent, humane, and responsible presentation of the entirely valuable material involved in the abilities surrounding energetic functions and feelings.” read the entire text

  2nd edition, 220 pages, € 19, ISBN 978-3-938-429-05-1, e-book available at Amazon  
  Christine H. Schenk
The Marriage Between Physical Body and Energy Body - A Guide for a Better Understanding

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In an easily comprehensible way, Christine Schenk communicates the fact that we have not only a physical body but an Energy Body and that the existence of the Energy Body is not something that can be perceived only by a few clairvoyant people. Based on practical examples she explains how every human being can distinguish between the reactions of the Energy Body and those of the physical body. Reports of her work with clients illustrate that, by sensitizing one's own perceptual abilities, this individual interaction can be observed and that feelings, thoughts and interests can be assigned to the respective body. Questionnaires and exercises are included to support the reader in this task. Furthermore, this book contains a wide range of details concerning the anatomy of the Energy Body. In a concise way, it addresses those readers who want to have more basic knowledge in order to deal with energetic modes of healing in a responsible way. It also addresses those people who want to integrate their experience in regard to themselves and their environment into their daily life.


"Christine Schenk doesn't preach a new doctrine of salvation with rituals or practices, that should be followed. She gives us an integral conception of the world, far removed from any 'guru- tainted' way of thinking. She demands the sharpening of the consciousness, respect for feeling, which can accompany us on our path, and our logically-thinking mind; feeling and mind as partners, completing one another. Her guidebook through the world of the energies connects an historical-scientifical inventory with philosophical excursions into our conception of the world, our perceptions and desires, to the basis of the anatomy of the Energy Body and to questionnaires and exercises for the deepening of personal perceptions. She encourages us to confront the problems and crises which may arise when we come into contact with or venture into unfamiliar territory in conjunction with our Energy Body. She demonstrates the possibilities of recognizing the causes and learning how to deal with them consciously. An independent, critical spirit calls for the self-confident individual and self-determinated consumer throughout the entire book!"

Dr. Claudia Hannemann, journalist, Vienna, Austria
  7th edition, 170 pages, 14 pictures, € 19, ISBN 978-3-938-429-01-3, e-book available at Amazon  
  Christine H. Schenk
Me and Myself - Healing the Marriage Between Physical Body and Energy Body

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This book is essential reading for all those who have wanted to know more about the Energy Body and its world. For the first time a book is published, with personal comments by Dr. Eva Reich, which provides an extensive overview of the therapeutic methods or the so called "energetic healing processes" such as laying-on-of-hands techniques and remote healing, dealing with them from an Energy-Body perspective. The potential dangers of these methods are described as well as their possible consequences and side effects on the body as well as the psyche. Concise, based on experience and very rationally she reviews the damage caused by the improper implementation of energy methods, which the patient/client is forced to experience on his/her Energy Body. A commentary by a renowned neurologist and psychotherapist presenting his views from the physical point of view completes the review of how these problems can be diagnosed from a medical standpoint.

Furthermore it provides people in therapeutic professions valuable insight into the inner landscape of their clients as well as giving informative tips on practical applications in daily work situations. It opens up new horizons in understanding the interrelations between medicine, psychotherapy and psychology from an energy perspective.

Me and Myself - Healing the Marriage of Physical Body and Energy Body is a must read book if:

You want to know if energetic healers really always heal
You have had outer body or near-death-experience
You describe your child as difficult to manage
You want to know why you constantly "have trouble keeping your feet on the ground"
You want to care for your patients energetically and bring your knowledge up to date

Me and Myself - Healing the Marriage of Physical Body and Energy Body informs you about:

How you can recognize your Energy Body
How you can recognize your own 6th sense without acquiring any "special abilities"
How to recognize patients with energetic disorders and how to treat them

  Comment Eva Reich MD

"...This 21st century work of Christine Schenk is an important contribution to help prevent human barricading on our precious planet. I hope it will be widely read and used as a reference around the world. Christine Schenk is a seer, very rational, wise and grounded in reality. We thank you!" read the entire text

  2nd edition, 216 pages, 33 coloured pictures, € 24, ISBN 978-3-938-429-02-0  

Books in German language:

  Christine H. Schenk
Handbuch der energetischen Arbeitssicherheit

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German edition of "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety"

  2nd edition, 220 pages, € 19, ISBN 978-3-938-429-06-8, e-book available at Amazon
  Christine H. Schenk
Der Energiekörper - Dein Partner auf Lebenszeit - Ein Leitfaden für ein besseres Verstehen Eurer Beziehung

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German edition of "The Marriage between Physical Body and Energy Body - A Guide for a Better Understanding"

  6th edition, 182 pages, 14 pictures, € 19, ISBN 978-3-938429-00-6, e-book available at Amazon
  Christine H. Schenk
Ich und Ich - Die erfolgreiche Beziehung zwischen Energiekörper und physischem Körper

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German edition of "Me and Myself"

  3rd edition, 264 pages, 38 coloured pictures, € 26, ISBN 978-3-938429-03-7
  Christine H. Schenk
Die Geburt ins Leben - Im Mittelpunkt steht der Mensch  /  SOLD OUT
  (Born Into Life - In the Center is the Human Being)

  1st edition, 208 pages, 8 coloured pictures, € 20, ISBN 978-3-938429-04-4
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