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  Precautions to Be Aware of with Energetic Treatments  

Many people seek healing through energetic treatments of all kinds without realization that negative repercussions can happen from these healing modalities. There are no established regulations governing the practice of energy work, therefore it is essential to take necessary precautions prior to accepting or providing energetic treatment. It’s not uncommon for people to practice energetic techniques without sufficient training – some even take a weekend course and then offer energy work to others the very next day. This type of situation can lead to side-effects for both the provider and the receiver of these treatments.

A primary emphasis of Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique training focuses on the need for extreme caution in this area – teaching both practitioners and clients how to know when it is safe to do and/or receive energy work. Christine Schenk makes her students fully aware that they, as well as their clients, may have been affected negatively from improper energy work techniques. She teaches methods for recognizing this as the case, ways to assess the level of energetic disruption, and then provides energetic methods for recalibrating and stabilizing the Energy Body® as a result. This is extremely helpful to someone who is interested in pursuing energetic treatments and study in the safest, professional, and most expert manner.

It’s essential to mention here that Christine Schenk affirms the very positive qualities of energetic healing modalities and they have their proper place in the alternative medicine paradigm. However, she teaches that they must be provided in accordance with certain standards in order to be safe. Without proper standards, without providing Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique, a treatment could go in the wrong direction and the energetic integrity of the person could be at risk. This is definitely something that can be avoided through following proper protocol during both the sharing of reception of energetic treatments – thus the need for a solid set of safety standards, as in any other profession dealing with vocational diseases and risks.

There is much development and growth that still needs to happen in the establishment of these standards. Fortunately, Christine Schenk’s life’s work has been devoted to the creation of more awareness in this area. In fact, this emphasis is what makes Christine Schenk’s training unique and so essential for the people that provide or receive treatments in the world of energies. She educates people how to develop and follow a protocol specifically designed for application to prevent such occurrences during energy work.

  What is the Energy Body®?  

Apart from the physical body, which we are able to see and touch, we also have a second body, the Energy Body®, which is responsible for processing the effects of methods using energy in its system (e.g. Shiatsu, acupressure, energetic manual techniques, energetic testing and measurement methods, Tai Chi, hands-on healing, homeopathy or acupuncture).

With Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique you can not only consciously learn about the nature of this body and to better understand its energetic system, but also to get knowledge about how to work energetically safe, when working with energies, that will be changed, modified, replaced, added, reprogrammed, deleted, balanced or harmonized.

The application of Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique is highly recommended, particularly important and very helpful if you work with clients having had either traumatic experience (e.g. near death or out-of-body experiences following car accidents, complex surgery or complicated deliveries, sexual or physical abuse) or having been exposed to energetic irritation, harm, injuries due to inappropriate energy work, energetic malpractice, energetic abuse or manipulation.

  What is the -Technique?  
  • Introduction

The (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) has approved the introductory course and the three-year training program in Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique for Continuing Education Units (CEU). This approval basically approves my teaching goal whereas the handling of energy healing methods and any kind of energy work has to be accompanied by extensive safety features. Furthermore security protocols have to be established when energetic work is offered to a client. This applies especially too in case of combination of energetic healing modalities or when a client has already had several different energetic therapies.

The world of energy is by its very nature subtle, but not invisible or intangible. This fact is revealed by obvious signs, such as specific behaviour or expression of feelings and thoughts in case of energetic injuries, misuse of energy or manipulation. My many decades of experience are based almost exclusively in dealing with people who have sustained trauma or harm in the field of energy. Over these years they have pointed the way, showing me everything that needs to be taken into account in the framework of Energetic Job Safety which has led to the creation of the ®-Technique.

However energetic job safety does not only relate to the safe application of energetic healing modalities, but also to the overall energetic behaviour of the practitioner him/herself. Energetic Job Safety starts with the ability to differentiate one’s own behaviour respective to each body, knowing which reactions could be eventually provoked or prevented by one’s own (energetic) behaviour. Mostly energetic signals or interactions remain unheard or go unnoticed which is why they create the basis for projections and transferences of all kinds.

Therefore I have developed the ®-Technique to offer a wide range of learning possibilities to people looking for help with the above issues:

  • users of energy-based techniques (all kind of therapists, medical doctors, Oriental medicine practitioners, naturopath, nurses, psychotherapists, psychologists, professionals in the fields of psychosocial care, counselling and education)

  • therapists or practitioners who work with victims

  • the victims themselves

  • all those being interested in energetic appropriate conduct and behaviour (laypersons, psychotherapists, psychologists, professionals in the fields of psychosocial care, counselling and education)

Christine Schenk

® is an acronym which stands for Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System.

The ®-Technique is a tool for Energetic Job Safety which complements the method you work with and you have already learned. It supports how to live and work energetically safe with methods, when they change, modify, replace, add, reprogram, delete, balance or harmonize energies. This technique teaches you a complete different way of perspective, approach and procedure when it comes to providing a perspective geared to safety and quality control.

  What do you learn from the -Technique?  

®-Technique is taught through a 3-year certifi­cation training program that conveys theo­retical, practical and ex­periential know­ledge about how to directly and consciously integrate your Energy Body and how to live and work energetically safe. It provides training in Energetic Job Safety, not only in the interest of the client, but also to safeguard the practitioner’s energetic health. The training also addresses to both practitioners working with victims and to victims themselves in order to improve knowledge and competence.

The ®-Technique offers help and support in the following areas:

  • By raising awareness through improved listening and communication skills when looking after sufferers and victims in order to anticipate any problems they might voice and to explore their specific situation by asking the right questions.

  • By training the ability to differentiate, in order to pinpoint what exactly energetic injury and harm entails in order to ensure that (energetic) interventions by the practitioner remain reliable and helpful for the client.

  • By training one’s own energetic conduct in order to be able to appropriately behave in energetically critical situations.

  • By offering clarification and extensive information, including for victims of energetic injury and abuse and interested laypersons, in order to increase the awareness of quality features for people working safely with energy healing methods.

  • By training the application of a perspective, approach and procedure geared to safety and quality control.

During this entire process, your Energy-Body oriented training becomes systematically integrated into your life. You will begin to listen to your self, trust what you feel, and make better choices based upon this newly acquired energetic awareness.

Through the ®-Technique, you will be taught how to work safely when applying energy healing methods. With the ®-Technique you learn energetic analysis protocols to evaluate if a client is a good candidate for energetic treatments. Insights in differential diagnosis enable you to recognize a client with symptoms caused by energetic abuse. You learn how to avoid practitioner burn-out and other energetic occupational hazards when working with clients’ energetics.


What are some common benefits of the -Technique Certified Training Program?

  • Learning to understand yourself and others on a deeply profound level.
  • Improving relationships with others as well as with yourself.
  • Becoming energetically independent.
  • Having a valuable tool for control and investigation purposes in the subtle world of energies.
  • Working with a significantly high quality standard when applying energetic techniques.
  • Living a happier life through application of an appropriate energetic behavioral etiquette.
  How the -Technique can be Applied  

®-Technique Graduates have found the training to enhance their work and easily incorporated into their respective professions in the following ways. One of the most common results from Graduates of the training is that they are happier people.

  Application of the ®-Technique to the medical profession
  • More success with reduction of psychosomatic sensation of pain or discomfort
  • Ability to diagnosis energetic illnesses and provide treatments appropriately
  • Less side-effects evoked by acupuncture or homeopathic remedies
  • Reduction of symptoms occurring as result of local or post-surgical anesthesia
  • Ability to help therapy resistant clients leading to change in behavior through the integration of the Energy Body®
  Application of the ®-Technique to Psychotherapy
  • It broadens the spectrum of possibilities for perception and approach
  • Allows for an easier differentiation in perception.
  • Ability to relate familiar conflicts or conflicts between partners directly to the physical body or Energy Body®
  • Excellent results for the treatment of depression, suicidal tendencies, and acute or chronic states of shock or stress symptoms
  • Reduces the possibility of “therapist burnout”
  Application of the ®-Technique to Energetic Healing Methods
  Client's position:
  • Advanced recognition by the client of the healer’s energetic compatibility with the client’s energetic status
  • Ability for the client to recognize in advance treatments that would be inadequate or wrong
  • The client is able to assess the healer's competence in relation to their needs prior to receiving treatment.
  • Client is able to identify intentions of energetic manipulation or abuse immediately upon meeting with a healer.
  Healer's position:
  • The ability to choose between passive energy-sending or active self-regeneration techniques
  • More efficient protection against burn-out
  • The ability to control and balance possible side effects created by his/her energetic intervention
  Application of the ®-Technique to the Educational System
  • Faster diagnosis and more individualized treatment for children with learning difficulties, hyperactivity, or peculiar behavior
  • Improved communication skills developed with mentally handicapped or difficult children
  • Better recognition of the children’s needs resulting in faster attainment of teaching objectives
  • Increased and faster concentration and calmness of the student obtained in the classroom
  Application of the ®-Technique to the Arts
  • Artists are able to handle stage fright better and more efficiently
  • Artists are able to digest performance experiences easier as well as the reactions of the audience
  What Will the -Technique Do For You?  
  Personal Growth  
  • Eliminate the "disconnect" in your life – bring you back together with yourself, so that you can become whole again
  • Create more harmony in your relationships
  • Discover, acknowledge, and accept yourself for who you are – the good and the bad
  • Feel whole and happy
  • Be able to process your emotions, feelings, and experiences and come out with a positive outcome
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Engage in the extraordinary adventure of waking up to your life
  • Take responsibility and grow up
  • Build the muscles to get where you want to be, inside of you
  • Let go of anger, fear, and resentment
  • Drop the burden of judging yourself and others
  • See, feel, and live a bigger picture of your life
  • Learn to release baggage, old hurts, or anything you’ve been hanging onto
  • Experience deeper insight
  • Manifest energetic growth and development
  • Allow yourself to do what you love without sacrificing yourself in the process
  Professional Growth  
  • Combat burnout in your profession
  • Bring balance and stability to your working life
  • Nourish and sustain strong working relationships
  • Feel safe and secure in the work that you do
  • Maintain energetic integrity
  • Establish healthy work boundaries
  • Have greater ability to reach therapy-resistant clients
  • Ability to handle anything
  Comments and Experiences  

Christine Schenk teaches her students how to attain autonomy through the connection of the Energy Body® with the physical body. When this autonomy is achieved and maintained, one’s energy becomes self-sustaining, whereby a person inherently knows and feels what is safe for them. They are essentially providing energy work to themselves on a daily basis simply through recognition and realization of what it feels like to be in balance with oneself. When their energies are off they simply know how to re-calibrate themselves back into a place of harmony, peace and wholeness.


"After experiencing Christine's training for over a year now, I have come to a couple of conclusions. The first is that it is helpful for anyone alive, and the second is that it is essential for anyone working in the healing professions. Christine's work is practical and I use it every day. Her teaching does nothing less than showing one how to live as a complete human being."

Ted Cole MA, DO, B.C.I.M., C.T.N., Cincinnati, USA

The ®-Technique also teaches a student how to avoid “burn out” through learning how to protect themselves properly when they provide their work, how to know when it is safe to provide or receive Energy-Body® work, how to avoid creating or receiving side-effects from energy work, as well as teaching how and why energy work can be one of the most positive health enhancing techniques incorporated into one’s life.

"As a practitioner of conventional and alternative medicine I have never experienced work like this. From the first day of her seminar, I was personally experiencing my own Energy Body® and that of others. I could immediately help more patients as well as myself with these experiences. I walked away with something tangible and invaluable. I felt a refreshing sense of wholeness, as well as an energetic and physical sense of what is mine and what is someone else's. I don't have to enter into another individual's space any more in an attempt to help them heal. This helps them and it helps me."

Marcellus Walker MD, L. Ac., New York City, USA


You can learn more about the creation of a contented personal union by reading Christine Schenk’s books "The Marriage between Physical Body and Energy Body", "Me and Myself – Healing the Marriage Between Energy Body and Physical Body" and "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety".


"I am able to treat more patients a day than before. The treatments are deeper and more complete. The rate of healings has increased. For decades I have searched for a teacher who could help me to understand energetic phenomena. I knew that not having a clear approach to these phenomena would endanger my work in the long run. Christine has helped me in a very competent way. Therefore I'd like to thank her very much."

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, founder and president
of the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Seattle, USA


Christine Schenk’s work specializes in those who are survivors of various forms of abuse, including that sustained through association with an esoteric group or Guru. Christine Schenk really understands the deep energetic ramifications of abuse. Many times the person feels totally disconnected and separated from themselves after such an experience. The ®-Technique helps one to recover in a safe, secure and professional environment – with total respect for the person’s unique individuality and readiness to do so. Christine Schenk encourages empowerment of her students, and re-iterates over and over that we are all equal and that each person must learn to ultimately trust themselves to truly heal.


"In my desire to continue healing, my search lead me to 'energy healing'. As a client, only blind trust and faith in the practitioner to heal and to do no harm was required. There were not clear, if any, explanations of what 'energy healing' was, how it worked and about it's protocols. Christine clearly explains what the Energy Body® is and it's relationship to the physical body. She allows you to contemplate how to negotiate changes in the relationship. This experience and knowledge gave me a new perspective and perspective leads to life changes. "

Desiree Taylor, Houston, USA

  Preface to "Me and Myself"  
Eva Reich MD, Founder of Gentle Bioenergetics,
worldwide trainings of therapists, Hancock, USA


"Unknown it has been a life change, my training with Christine. Her work has brought me to a different level of experience, with the world outside of me and within. I have complete confidence on her as a person and as a teacher. Her commitment with the truth is breathtaking."

Lina Garcia DMD, DDS, Chicago, USA


"When I came to Christine Schenk I had completed six years of psychoanalysis. Today, after nearly one year, I have been through changes I wouldn't have considered possible. First, there was a nearly imperceptible change in my way of dealing with time. Psychoanalysis had in no way improved my habit of being constantly late, nor my chronic state of being stressed and harassed. Today, after nine months of training, it has become increasingly easy to divide my time in a fruitful way."  

Britta Wukitsevits MMag., Artist and high school teacher, Vienna, Austria
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